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is the only book encompassing the entire funeral in all three cities, out front, and behind the scenes.  The Ebook is available now, a hard copy. Digital Autographs are available for the EBooks.                                                EB1  $29.99

My Lady of Peace - Rosa Parks Reflections

The Book, Quiet Little Knights for Rosa Parks

Back of the Flyer

A Quiet Knight for Rosa Parks

Poetry, Inspired by Rosa Parks

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Current Event

Rosa Parks Birthday Poem

The Roses are special organic roses selected by Rosa Parks and Elaine Steele.

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Mrs. Parks is shown holding her birthday poem alongside Mark Kerrin and Elaine Steele.  Click here and see the poem in Mrs. Parks bookcase.

To make her dreams possible and her security safe it took a team of professionals. All knights in their own rights.  

is a collection of poems and images from her humble bedroom, travels, and more.


EBOOK                                                EB3  $ 9.99

Donate $100 and receive the three Ebooks and poem. Donate $50 and receive EB1 or EB2, and the poem that Mrs. Parks received on her birthday


POEM  EPM1  $ 9.95

Back of the Flyer commemorating the Rosa Parks' stamp.

is a childrens book, with pages situated so the youth of today can answer questions about their own pathways.  



EB2 $ 19.99


Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute for Self Developement

Founders: Rosa Parks and Elaine Steele

Books, Ebooks are setup for your donation with 25% of the profit of the Ebooks going to the Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute. Make a $50 dollar or more DONATION and receive EB1, EB3, and Mrs. Parks birthday poem.  For $100 dollars or more receive all the EBooks and the Poem. EBOOK autographs will be available.  Or you can just BUY NOW the Freedom Roses, Ebooks, and a donation will still be made on your behalf.  CLICK BOOK IMAGE to review the book or Click DOWNLOAD EBOOK LINKS.


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