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There is only one OFFICIAL Rosa Parks website, www.rosaparks.org. The www.rosaparkslegacy.com is the working site until the website is complete.

Did you know many have written books, run websites, and use Rosa Parks name without ever contacting Rosa Parks when she was alive and even today without permission from the institute.

Where did ROSA PARKS "really" sit on THE BUS?

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When is ROSA PARKS Birthday?

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Each year the Insitute travels the historical routes by runnaway slaves, civil rights locations, and more.  Other travels have included Africa, through the Gates. What are the Gates? Check out the programs to learn more.  Where  have you been and where are you and our youth going? Also, what does it take to succeed in the 21st century, globally, not just in the United States.

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

                                                                                                       Anita Peek

February 4, 2013

Notice of the Unveiling of the ROSA PARKS STATUE in the U.S Capitol on February 27, 2013

The Centennial Anniversery Poster

Rosa Parks Stamp Unveiled by the US Postal Service 

Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development

Founders: Rosa Parks and Elaine Steele

Boehner on Rosa Parks Statue:
Rosa Parks statue unveiled


Speaker of the House and The Institute's RESOLUTION

Rosa Parks receiving the 1993 Essence Award

Not to forget those that stayed on the home front at the Institute's home office, Ms. Anita Peek and the Volunteer Staff.


Adisa Foluke, a hero, who lost his life while chaporoning the Rosa Parks's youth during a tragic bus accident. See the photo of him shaking hands with the police Major in Montgomery Al. during the 40th Anniversary celebration.


Long before the financial and legal challenges that surfaced after the passing of Rosa Parks, for over thirty years this small group of people and dedicated volunteers have assisted in keeping Rosa Parks significant.


The Freedom Roses were personally selected by Rosa Parks to represent her and the Institute.

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President Obama and Congressional Members Unveiling of Rosa Parks Statute

The civil rights movement started when we became a nation of laws on July 4, 1776, and yet the process continues. From racial segregation, institutionalized segregation, to the modern challenges faced today.  Rosa Parks gelled the approach involving her "Quiet Strength", morals, and commitment, which continues today.  She showed us how to fish. The modern day Civil Rights Movement is the continuation of the struggle to build the village, also supports our nation. Civil Rights is not limited to race but is a process that challenges the laws of a nation when its citizens are marginialized and forgotten. Metamorphizing since the 18th Century throughout the 20th century, the civil rights movement was brought to the forefront of the news by Rosa Parks arrest in1955 and the struggles by hundreds during the Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955-56.  The events and subsequent struggles went national and international. What was important, mass media allowed the truth and images of the truth for the entire world to see. Symbolized by Rosa Parks quiet demeaner, class, and strength, along with the non-violent movment, change occurred but has not finished. The Civil Rights movement is not a tool for black people                                                                                                                                                                                        but a tool for all people, a social change tool. Since that time struggles continue and the Civil Rights Movement will always be significant. Technology and media has enabled the modern Civil Rights Movement to become a global tool for change. Rosa Parks used inaction to produce action. Lift a finger and VOTE. Mark Kerrin

Listed above are a small group of books depicting historical moments, behind the scenes, relaxation, etc. on the travels by Rosa Parks and her surrogate daughter and co-founder of the Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development, Elaine Steele. Click on the icons for a preview. 




In 1987, Elaine Steele (below) was officially named Co-Founder of Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development. Interview #1 with Face to Face February 27, 2013.



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